When we say that the need for respect is universal, what are we really saying when we are talking about business in a multicultural environment?

John from England shows respect by separating the person from the problem. He may criticise a person’s idea, but not the person, and always remains civil even in difficult situations.

Boquin from China shows respect by always maintaining a “professional” attitude, concealing much of his emotions or facial expressions.

Lars from Holland shows respect by giving his opinion very directly so no one has to interpret or guess what his intensions are. He feels that would be disrespectful and uncaring.

Ingrid from Sweden shows respect by always being punctual and meeting every deadline.

Akiko from Japan shows respect by waiting for others to share their ideas and opinions before giving her own and never disagrees with anyone in public.

Baharat from India shows respect by answering calls from his clients immediately, even when he is running a meeting.

Francesco from Italy shows respect by using polite forms of address with older people or with people in authority.

Do you think some of these forms of respect could be misinterpreted as being rude in other cultures?

How do you show respect in business in your country?

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