Remote Interpreting

Thanks remote interpreting, 2 speakers who do not share the same language can easily communicate, each one in his/her office or from their homes. Once you contact me, I will get connected, at the same time, with the person you need to speak with in any country of the world (bearing in mind the time difference!), and will translate the conversation in real time. None of the three speakers will leave their office, home or hotel room. You will get the answer to your need immediately and at low costs.

If you book the service before leaving your country for a business trip or a fair abroad, you will receive linguistic assistance directly on your computer or mobile, avoiding an interpreter’s travel expenses while benefitting from a professional service.

If you wish to take part in the call with your clients, I can call them directly from your office or you can connect to the call remotely. Alternatively, I will contact your clients on your behalf and then provide you with the details of the call via email.