Communication and Press

Collection and analysis of the press release, creation of press clippings and reputational analyses in your target language and elaboration of communication strategies for a winning position on the market 


Do you want to know what the rest of the world thinks about you?

The team of mother-tongue professionals working with me and I will collect the articles mentioning your company from the foreign press and will translate them into your mother tongue

How do I carry out this task?

  • I collect the articles that are interesting to you daily, based on the themes that you will indicate me
  • I select the target articles with the utmost care
  • I translate the articles’ abstracts or entire text, based on your preferences and indications

What will you receive?

  • Every day, by the time you prefer, you will receive and email with the press clippings translated into your target language, alongside a PDF document with the original articles
  • You will be delivered a press feedback in the form of reputational and sentiment reports, based on your indications in the frequency


Do you need to say something important to the rest of the world?

I can edit in a foreign language or translate your press release and then deliver it to the target press

Thanks to my know-how and my Italian and international network of communications experts, I can support you while approaching the media and developing a strategic communications plan. My role and that of my selected work team is to mediate your relationship with the media, by making available our skills and professionalism both to you and your target. It is essential to know how and to whom to deliver your information, in order to prevent the latter from dispersing or loosing its value and potential. This is possible by creating a targeted communication flow, where information is translated into languages that are appropriate for the audience to which it is addressed, and where its public is selected based on relevance and objectives to achieve.

Not only will guaranteeing this process ensure you good results in the publication of the news, but it will also allow you to transmit a qualified and trustful image to your interlocutors, which will stimulate synergies and a desire to work together.

The areas in which I can support you are the following:

  • institutional communication
  • corporate communication
  • economic and financial communication
  • crisis communication