The interpreters translates after the speaker’s speech outside the booth through a particular technique of note taking

For events with a limited public such as small groups, informal speeches or official occasions.

Service description:

Unlike simultaneous interpreting, in consecutive interpreting, booths and headsets are not needed.This technique is normally used during meetings with just one foreign language.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter normally sits by the speaker. While the speaker delivers his/her speech, the interpreter takes notes with a particular technique. Later, at the end of each idea or after maximum 3-5 minutes (depending on the speaker’s likings) the interpreter reproduces the section of the speech that has just been delivered in the target language condensing its contents. Bear in mind that when the interpreter starts translating each section, the audience has already being listening to the speech for about 5 minutes without understanding what was being said.

It is also important to bear in mind that if you choose consecutive interpreting each speech will last twice as longer as without interpreting.